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Taurus Update

We have a GO FUND ME.  Please read out story on this site's GO FUND ME page.

Our Story

Our Story

Edward and Bernice Perkins founded Taurus Flavors®, a south side institution since 1966.  Although the original store no longer exists, the Taurus family continued to flourish thanks to the support of our many satisfied customers.

Remember, there is only one ORIGINAL Taurus Flavors, and it has been demolished.  Any location bearing the name of Taurus Flavors is an impostor.  Please support the Originator, not the Imitator.

In the beginning, there was the ORIGINAL HOAGY, the MASTER DOG, and copious flavors of Ice Cream and Fountain Treats.  The SUPREME STEAK™ replaced the Master Dog in 1971.  The SUPREME STEAK and the HOAGY SUPREME anchors Taurus Flavor’s® menu along with a variety of premium, hand packed ice cream flavors.

Meet the Team

The Management Team


Kecia Perkins


Daughter of Edward and Bernice Perkins (Founders)


Ed Perkins


Son of Edward and Bernice Perkins (Founders)



General Manager

Loyal and Dedicated Associate for more than 20 years.