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Hoagy Supreme

Our Original unmistakable delicious Chicago Sandwich.  A variety of smoked turkey meats with onions, pickles, peppers, tomatoes, american cheese and our FAMOUS HOAGY OIL (the juice) served on fresh french bread.

Supreme Steak

The Supreme Steak.  Certified delicious!  Grilled and chopped seasoned steak with diced seasoned grilled onions, american cheese, tomatoes, our secret sweet sauce, our proprietary blended sweet peppers all on a steamed steak bun.

Our Taurus Flavors Patrons!  Please bare with us as we continue to find a way to get you Taurus Flavors' favorites.  We are offering delivery from our temporary city sanctioned and approved kitchen to either the 85th street location or to your home.  You can order online for 85th street pickup and only by phone for only for door-to-door delivery.

For 85th street pick-up (designated time upon ordering) click the button below.  For home delivery, call our number, 773-374-1872.  You will be given a delivery window.

In both cases, please pre-pay by credit card.  We hope that this helps during the shelter-in-place to keep you safe and also satisfy your hunger.